The EUREKA network includes Full Member countries and Associated countries, which can all support CATRENE projects financially.

Partners engaged in a CATRENE project are funded directly by the governments of their respective countries, according to national funding procedures. In order to prepare a successful proposal, partners must be aware that there may be significant differences in these procedures. It is, therefore, essential to verify that the project proposal is in line with the priorities and funding schemes of national Public Authorities before submitting it to CATRENE.

The following countries have provided additional funding information:

AUSTRIA National Funding Information

IRELAND National Funding Information

SPAIN National Funding Information


In order to gather the most up-to-date and accurate information, contact should be made with the appropriate national Public Authority that supports and coordinated the funding of CATRENE projects:
CAPA (CATRENE Public Authorities)

For countries not represented in CAPA, please contact:
Eureka National Contact Points

Please note that it is important to maintain contact with Public Authorities during every stage of preparing a proposal in order to maximise the chances of a successful project.