The participation fee for the European Nanoelectronics Forum 2015 is shown below. Payment may only be done online with a credit card upon registration. If payment is not made, your registration will not be confirmed.

Registration deadline is 16 November 2015, subject to availability.

Please take the time to review the different categories of participation fees before proceeding with your registration and payment.

Accompanying guest  (Dinner - 01/12) 100 € + VAT 100 € + VAT  120 € + VAT
Category Early Bird Fee
(until 25 September)
Forum Fee
On-site Forum Fee
(subject to availability)

                                                                                   Applied VAT 20%

Affiliated partner (1)

100 € + VAT

150 € + VAT

200 € + VAT

Non-Affiliated partner

200 € + VAT

300 € + VAT

400 € + VAT

Public Authorities, Press and Speakers




AMEX, VISA and MasterCard are accepted for payment

(1) Representatives of an organisation participating in CATRENE, ECSEL or FP7 projects. Also representatives of an organisation being a member of AENEAS or having signed a Declaration of Acceptance (DOA).

IMPORTANT: The category selected by participants will be cross-checked with our database and in case of error, corresponding fees can be reviewed and requested by the organizers.