CATRENE Scientific Committee members 2014

List of members

The primary objective of the Scientific Committee is to report on the latest advances and technological trends on a worldwide basis and to accomplish annual tasks defined by the CATRENE Board, dedicated to the specific benefits of the European Industry.


Scientific Committee reports:

Smart Systems for Healthcare and Wellness
(Full report) (January 2014)
(4976 KB)
CATRENE Scientific Committee Workshop 2014 Presentations

Integrated power & energy efficiency
(Full report) (April 2013)
(7989 KB)

Towards a 'More-than-Moore" roadmap (November 2011)
(34 KB)

"Energy Autonomous Systems: Future Trends in Devices, Technology, and Systems"
(August 2009)
(252 KB)

"Towards and beyond 2015: technology, devices, circuits and systems" (February 2007)
(46 ko)

"Improving Links between Manufacturing and Science" (May 2005)
(29 ko)

"Bio-chips and Chips for Bio" (November 2004)
(62 ko)

"Development of On-Chip Signal Processing for Audio/Video/User interfaces" (November 2003)
(94 ko)

"Heterogeneity on Silicon or in a package for future system innovation" (November 2003)
(125 ko)

"Assessment of European Universities and Research Organisations in Europe..." (September 2002)
(93 ko)