This document gives the mission, vision and strategy of the major industrial and research organisations involved in the future of micro- and nanoelectronics in Europe. The time horizon of this document covers the remainder of this decade. Its scope covers the co-operative part of the Research, Development and Innovation (R, D & I) within public-private partnerships. It is intended as strategic document for the two European funding instruments in this field: CATRENE under the EUREKA framework and the ENIAC Joint Undertaking (JU).

The combination of parts A, B, C and annexes 2 and 3 forms the ENIAC Multi-Annual Strategic Plan (MASP).

The combination of parts A, B, C and annexes 1 and 3 of this document forms the CATRENE White Book, which will serve as the basis for CATRENE calls from 2011 onwards.

Updated Part C of VMS (Nov. 2013)

In November 2013, Part C of the VMS was updated in order to actualise the content per work area as well as to take into account the strategic objectives of the new Horizon 2020 and of the EUREKA Network.

The update also extends the content to include (Technology Readiness Levels) TRLs 2 to 8.

A complete revision of the Vision, Mission & Strategy document is expected for end 2014.