CATRENE launches a call for project proposals in the domain of Nanoelectronics each year. The call follows a detailed timeline, which is established to ensure the quick start of projects.

With innovation being a high priority for CATRENE, unsolicited projects are accepted but only taken into consideration if the quality of the proposal is exceptional.

The preparation of a CATRENE project is done in two steps:


Project Outline (PO): a brief overview of the project's objectives and the partners in the consortium. It allows early advice and feedback from the CATRENE Steering Group and Public Authorities to the proposers. Project Outlines that are positively evaluated are invited to participate in step 2;


Full Proposal (FP): a detailed plan of the project including information on how it will be executed and managed. Selected FPs will receive the CATRENE Label.

The CATRENE Label provides project partners with the possibility of applying for public funding from their national authorities.

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