Please be informed that MEDEA+, as a EUREKA Cluster Programme has ended 31 December 2008. However, there are some MEDEA+ projects that willl end in 2009 or subsequent years. As the MEDEA+ web pages are closed we have integrated the 'Projects' and 'Communication' sections into the CATRENE web pages, enabling you to have an updated list and status of all MEDEA+ projects as well as easy access to the exhaustive archive of MEDEA+ Communication activities with all publications, etc.

Check the Project Lists pages for more information on MEDEA+ projects:

As per June 2024, there are 90 MEDEA+ labelled projects. Included in this figure are:
- 51 labelled projects resulting of the 1st Phase of MEDEA+
  (27 in Applications and 24 in Technologies).
- 39 labelled projects resulting of the 2nd Phase of MEDEA+
  (23 in Applications and 16 in Technologies).

90 projects have meanwhile ended successfully, 50 in Applications and 40 in Technologies.

Selection criteria

The MEDEA+ projects have been selected according to the following criteria:

  1. Commitment to MEDEA+ vision and objectives
  2. Innovation in basic and industrial research
  3. Existing European R&D capacity
  4. Competences of the partners
  5. Strengths of the consortium ("team effect")
  6. World market potential
  7. Leverage effect on employment
  8. Pro-active action for environmental protection