Getting Started:

uploading your PO.

Click on the following link:           https://projects.catrene.org/

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More information available in the “How-to” document:

CATRENE projects web tool

Project Outline Phase

The PO (see template below) should be concise and clearly explain your project idea, goals and innovation, as well as the chances of successful exploitation of the results upon project completion. Details on the partners in the consortium and their added value are also requested. 

The PO phase allows for a first selection of proposals and provides preliminary information on projects, necessary for budget discussions with the Public Authorities involved.

POs are evaluated by the CATRENE Steering Groups and Public Authorities based on the Selection Criteria and National Prioritization of topics.

How to submit a Project Outline (PO):

POs should be submitted to the CATRENE Office for evaluation by the CATRENE Steering Groups and Public Authorities, via the CATRENE web tool.

Submitting a PO via the CATRENE web tool consists of two parts:

  1. Provision of administrative proposal information via the CATRENE web tool.
  2. Provision of a textual description of the content of your proposal in a “PO Annex” template which must be uploaded on the web tool.

The PO must be prepared according to the PO guidelines and using the PO Annex template.

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